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Custom DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas for Your Photographs

DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas

Creating a beautiful photo backdrop yourself is easier than you might have imagined! Whatever the occasion or event, it is possible to create something versatile and attractive you can use as a backdrop for your photographs.  If you’re searching on how to make a backdrop for a party, read on. Here are some diy backdrop ideas for you to add to your arsenal.

FOLIAGE: There are several options for creating a nature-based backdrop. You can either use real greenery (a little trickier because you’ll need to keep them alive until the event) or artificial. Decide how you will hold the greenery up to create your backdrop. You can use chicken wire, a sheet or canvas, or rope of some kind you can attach to a wall somehow. Attach the greenery using twisty-ties or a hot-glue gun. (Only use a glue gun if you’re using artificial plants.) If you are using real greenery, you can use flower tubes filled with water (like florists use) to keep flowers alive. Try wooden clothespins for added interest. You also can create wreaths or garlands to use as your backdrop and either attach to a wall or backdrop cloth.

BALLOONS: Creating a wall of balloons is easy and festive as a backdrop. You can blow them up yourself or use helium balloons. Note that balloon backdrops tend to be short-lived. You’ll want to do this just before you use the backdrop. For an interesting look, attach balloons with invisible string to an attractive rope, wire, or swath of fabric and hang.

FABRIC: You can’t go wrong with draped fabric as a backdrop whether it’s a professional canvas backdrop you’ve purchased or an inexpensive fabric you can hang temporarily on a wall as a backdrop. Keep in mind that most photographs look best with less pattern in the background. However, if you’re shooting themed pictures, go for it! Just bear in mind that your subjects will be standing in front of the backdrop blocking out parts of it. Lastly, hang your cloth anyway that works for you and the wall. You can crop out the pictures any edges or any hardware holding up the cloth.

PAPER: Use wrapping tissue paper scrunched up or rolled up into shapes such as flowers and create a wall with them as your backdrop. You can cut up the paper and create tubes or other unusual shapes such as arrows, circles or Chevron to use as a backdrop. You can use wallpaper. (Try purchasing seconds from a specialty store.) Use wrapping paper rolled out or hung like wallpaper for another attractive backdrop. Brown packing paper is inexpensive and works as a simple backdrop as well.

CREPE PAPER: Crepe paper streamers are cheap and easy to use. Hang them vertically or horizontally.

We recommend that whenever possible, you build your backdrop well in advance of your event in case you want to make some adjustments or it takes you longer than you initially thought it might.

When making a photography backdrop, you’re only limited by your imagination! Once you have built one, you’ll find it easier to do your second one and so forth. If you have any DIY photo backdrop ideas, we’d love to hear about it below.  As a reminder, like any DIY project, we suggest you measure twice and cut once and have all your supplies on hand before you begin.

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