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Custom DIY Photo Backdrop Ideas for Your Photographs

Creating a beautiful photo backdrop yourself is easier than you might have imagined! Whatever the occasion or event, it is possible to create something versatile and attractive you can use as a backdrop for your photographs.  If you’re searching on how to make a backdrop for a party, read on. Here are some diy backdrop

7 Spectacular Reasons to Have a Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Photographs enhance the sentiment value of every occasion, and a wedding is no different. Gone are those days, when a professional photographer was hired to click a handful of special, perfectly-timed moments. With the advent of technology, the modern times call for fun, quick and digital ways to capture whacky and spontaneous moments of the

8 Simple Tips To Take Your Wedding From Wow! To Hot Damn!

1. Making an Entrance: Just like a Marvel action movie. It is all about making a Giant first appearance. When you first arrive you want everyone and I do mean everyone to know that you have entered the room. The question is now how do you pull that off? It depends on what you want