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8 Simple Tips To Take Your Wedding From Wow! To Hot Damn!

1. Making an Entrance: Just like a Marvel action movie. It is all about making a Giant first appearance. When you first arrive you want everyone and I do mean everyone to know that you have entered the room. The question is now how do you pull that off? It depends on what you want to do. A big show stopper is either adding some crazy flair to the dress such as going in a crocodile dress. But even a bigger way to show up is in helicopter. If on a budget (also outside) is to release a few dozen doves as soon as you walk through the doors/opening.

2. Something blue: Add some crazy flair to your attire. One huge memorable wedding that was planned was that the husband and best men all came into the wedding hall wearing Dumb and Dumber dressing attire. Their clothes were so loud it woke the entire neighborhood!

3. The Vows: Have the guests in tears or bursting in laughter. That is how you are able to make such a great experience for all your guests. In order to make those in the audience are laughing. Try to  have some personal funny stories to share about either your relationships or those in your wedding party together. To make those in the audience tear up. Make it even more personal, tell them how you first met or start tearing up yourself. Tell those around you how much you love each other and how you want to be together. Make those around you understand why you two are standing there.

4. Orange County Photo Booth Rental: One of the main features for your wedding is the entertainment. Why would a photo booth make your Big Day more memorable? The easy answer is that your guests will be able to have loads of fun taking photos with funny props, plus, they get to bring home the photos!

5. Center Stage: The lighting on your wedding is very important. So that all your photos are perfect.

6. Cake Boss: Is not only a TV show. But show the world that you are the best judge for how awesome your wedding cake. Make your audience/guests know how great your cake is. Make it completely unique by ordering a Generals TSOS chicken cake or make it with real Gold frosting. The point of your cake is to be loud as possible. To make those who watch your wedding know who took the first bite? The bride and groom that’s who.

7. Get YOUTUBE famous: Choreograph a dance with your best men or ladies. Do a cute dance with your Daddy or your Mamma. But whatever you do make sure to get that shit/stuff on video. That way you can make sure you can relive it for years to come and so can the world and your YouTube followers. J

8. The Grand Finale: Just as important (if not more so?) is the exit. From renting an very expensive sports car and having fireworks go off as you drive down the road, too jumping off a giant building wearing parachutes. Make sure that people/guests know that you have left the building. Let it be your grand finale. The culmination of all your hard work at this wedding comes down to this very essential ending.

In, conclusion this is your wedding and you should do what you want with it. However, why not make it memorable for all involved? If you can get the chance to make this occasion memorable for all involved. Why not do it? Just remember you can take any wedding from Wow! To Hot Damn!

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