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7 Spectacular Reasons to Have a Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Photographs enhance the sentiment value of every occasion, and a wedding is no different. Gone are those days, when a professional photographer was hired to click a handful of special, perfectly-timed moments. With the advent of technology, the modern times call for fun, quick and digital ways to capture whacky and spontaneous moments of the night. That is exactly where a photo booth comes to the picture. After all, everyone loves to let loose and get real goofy at a happy occasion, and a wedding photo kiosk gives them that golden chance flaunt the fun side of their personality without being judged!

Here are the top seven reasons why having a photo booth at your party is an absolute must!

#1. Unlimited Entertainment
You have hired a top-class DJ for your reception. You have also made arrangements for installing an open bar. Now, you may think that settles the entertainment needs of your party, but do keep in mind that everybody isn’t going to dance during the entire time of your reception. Likewise, you wouldn’t want any guest to spend too much time at the open bar. So, what else can they do to stay entertained? Click photographs, of course! With the advent of smartphones, everyone adores clicking selfies at the slightest hint they get. And when you install an exclusive, themed photo booth, you basically offer your guests with the invaluable opportunity to get clicked by in any way, and with any number of props they want. Needless to say, it makes for a great activity for those times when they are too tired, or sloshed out to dance or drink. It is also a nice way to take a break while they juggle between the dance floor and bar.

#2. Nostalgic Value
Sure, your hired photographer will capture those precious moments from your party, like your first look, first dance and first kiss. But there is absolutely nothing compared to the random, goofy and fun photos clicked when you and your childhood friends put on horns or quirky glasses and whisk into a photo booth. The main contention with taking photographs is posture. And when you are too caught up with the pressure of getting the right pose, your photographs will look all fabricated. That’s sad because the major purpose of wedding photos is to be fun and spontaneous. Believe it or not, some of the most genuine and pleasing moments of the night will be captured at the little photo booth.

#3. Conversation Starter
Are you looking for ways to make your wedding party different? Well, then a photo booth is your answer. A small, themed kiosk and a number of interesting props is sure to be a great hit with your guests, and get them raving about your party for weeks later.

#4. Easy to Customize
Are you looking to have a grand theme for your party? Whether you want beachy vibes, or an icy cold, winter wonderland feel, or maybe just a single color to set the mood for the night, a photo booth can be customized accordingly to match, and even accentuate the idea of your theme. Plus, you can choose from a wide assortment of matching props to go with your party. The booth butler can even customize your photos to match your event, by adding a custom logo on every photo strip to make it memorable for the guests. Indeed, a custom-made photo booth is a creative way to carry the party theme through in minute details.

#5. Interesting Return Gifts
It is a common norm to reward the guests with a small “thank you” gift for turning up at the party and sharing your happiness on your big day. Normally, people consider gifting a traditional box of chocolates/dry fruits, or a shot glass or a bag of M&M’s to their guests. Now, the problem with these gifts (barring the chocolate box) is that they are admired for some time and then simply tossed away at a lonely corner of the house, where they lie forgotten and wasted. Thus, it always makes more sense to express your gratitude with a more personalized gift, such as a photograph or two that acts as a beautiful reminder of the fun they had at your party. Who knows, you may even visit them months later and see that same photograph framed and preserved on their mantelpiece! Prints from photo booth are high-quality and customizable, so you can include your names, the wedding date, and even complement your desired theme, in order to make them the perfect keepsake!

#6.  A great opportunity to Socialize
Certain aspects of a wedding party can be quite structured, especially seating charts, buffet lines and any other ritual that involves an orderly arrangement of people. All of these can invariably disrupt the chances of your guests to socialize with one another and make the most of a happy occasion. Fortunately, a photo booth is something that can really bring strangers together. Your distant aunt and office colleague might just discover a shared love for jazz music while waiting in the line at the photo booth. Similarly, you can even trick your old friends from school to bond with, and come together in the same frame as your college friends. The possibilities are endless.

#7.  Hi-Tech Value
Modern photo booths often offer the option to access your photos digitally, either through a personal gallery or through a custom Facebook album, thereby making it super easy for you to share your big day’s memories on social media. Considering the immense popularity of bridal party selfies and wedding hashtags, this feature is guaranteed to up your insta-game! Make sure to ask the photo booth vendor for an iPad Kiosk, as it makes browsing and sharing photos a breeze.

Having a photo booth at your wedding is bound to make your big day memorable, entertaining, and fun- overall a big hit! Your guests will love the added entertainment, and you will enjoy scrolling through all those pretty, goofy pictures to relive the sweet memories of your big day.

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